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Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery creates REAL HOMEMADEcookies, treats, breakfast and dinner meals for dogs.

ALL ingredients are NATURAL and NUTRITIOUS

All treats and meals MAY contain ORGANIC and ALASKA GROWN produce & seafood, real supermarket-grade meats and organs, vegetables, fruits, dairy and ALASKAN BARLEY FLOUR, brown rice & oats.  Barley has the essential amino acids and mineral, proteins, and has no cholesterol.  Barley is wheat-free. Here are some links to knowing and fact-checking dog foods and dog nutrition:  Pet MDDog Advisor.

Drool Central products may contain a small percentage of citric acid  and/or psyllium husk which are natural preservatives.  We adhere to the fact that dogs deserve a diet devoid of human "taste" intervention. Therefore,

NO salt, refined sugar, processed fats (oils, vegetable oils, butter, etc.), artificial preservatives, substitutions, flavorings, seasonings, colorings, spices, garlic, onions, wheat, corn, soy or any unnecessary stuffs.  

Unlike imported pet foods, or even some domestic ones that have been subjected to recalls, we assure you that we only include ingredients that are safe for dogs.  We will strive to continue our research in providing and including healthy and nourishing ingredients. 

Drool Central provides an equal ratio or 40/60 of proteins in dog treats & dog meals as opposed to a load of carbohydrates fillers. 

We are happy to announce that as a start-up mum & pup, we have drummed up support from Alaskan purveyors FAVCOAlaska Flour Company Stockwell Farms in Palmer who was named Farm Family of the Year 2013 and Vanderweele Farms, Rempel Family Farms.  We will strive to partner with more farmers to create Alaskan pride....MADE IN ALASKA products.

Your, your dog's favorable reviews will be much appreciated.  Like us in Facebook.  Help us grow successfully.

Like us in Facebook.  Thank you for your business.


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Drool Central earned the Made in Alaska logo use for its Alaska made products.  

Drool Central has also earned the Alaska Grown logo use for championing the inclusion of Alaska Grown produce in all its dog treats and meals.

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